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The last time you went to that dapper pub in your desi attire all you got were some dirty glares.  Obviously you didn’t like it one bit. You can now be proud to wear desi clothes and even get rewarded  with free drinks for it at Pmatka. This offbeat pub also compliments your desi-ness by serving their drinks in a matka (earthen pots).  If you like it dhaba style, you can also park yourself on their khatiya and savour some spicy chaat! What’s more?

This pub’s back with a bang after a few cool changes to its entire setup.  You can now hang out with your friends and shoot a few games of pool at their brand new pool table.  They also have an exciting stream of live band performances lined up starting with Jalebi Cartel this Saturday! 
Rock On, Desi Style!


4th Floor, Meridian Plaza, 
Next to Lal Bungalow,

Ameerpet, Hyderabad
Phone: 040 - 3058 8488,

              99894 20891,

              93983 08577.