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Dublin -The Welcome Pub  
 Dublin -The Welcome Pub

If you want to get out and party but would still like more elbow room than a tin of sardines, and perhaps have a little more privacy than you'll find on a free-for-all dance floor, then Dublin is a pretty good bet. And yes, it is Irish-flavored, which is good luck for a pub, the Irish being notoriously fond of their drink.So, you'll find, are a lot of people who come here. They fall into two broad categories - either they're fresh-out-of-college-and-working, or slightly older and going steady. Then there are the power-lunch bunches.Since this pub has five-star rates, thanks to its location at the ITC Sheraton, you'd either have to be making good money and/or be going out with someone who does. Otherwise you're just there to check out the scene, and are not really keen on sticking around. In which case, Dublin might not interest you too much. People who come here don't usually pub-hop, they're there to stay the evening.
Dublin claims to fix its drinks with original and imported ingredients, using traditional recipes, so you might want to give their margaritas a shot. If you're going dry, we'd recommend the orange-juice-based CalcuttaDawn.Every Friday, the pub has a new look based on its theme - Mexican, Halloween, and the like. And for all the country music lovers, Wednesday is classics' night. On Saturdays, however, DJ Errol plays all the club hits, and dancers clear a little area near the console to themselves, although there is no official dance floor here. And this usually suits the regulars just fine. As long as they have their snooker table, a cricket match on mute and enough space to chill with friends, they're doing good.


Itc Kakatiya Sheraton & Tower,


Phone: +91 40 23400132?