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Jewelry for redheads - how to shade the appearance of a Titian beauty?


People with red hair are beautiful, unusual, and unique. Scientists believe that the natural fiery tone of hair is the heritage of the Celts. In the era of antiquity, representatives of this tribe lived on the territory of modern Europe. Compilers of Greek and Roman geographical treatises call the Celts cheerful, unpredictable, inventive, and freedom-loving. Similar character traits were fully transmitted to all red-haired beauties! To complement and accentuate the extraordinary charm of red hair, one can turn to the exquisite jewelry offered by ukrburshtyn.com

Red-haired girls are called "kissed by the Sun", and quite deservedly - they are able to enliven any society, literally attracting admiring glances. But such a bright and exotic appearance requires a decent frame. And from our article, you will learn the basic rules for choosing costume jewelry and jewelry for a fiery type of appearance.

Tones and shades are an ideal palette for red-haired women

Red-haired ladies have warm, dull natural tones for their faces (sometimes they are described as "nude"). These are caramel pink, pale coral, golden, beige, brown, and champagne color. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to choose jewelry for a dress, be sure to try on several products made in a similar range. They will give your hair a noble and deep shade of mahogany, compared to which the skin will look delicate, smooth and milky white.

If you want to look festive and elegant - choose accessories that shimmer with a rich fuchsia color. This tone is very capricious and does not suit all women - yes, a blonde in a similar dress will look too pale. But luxurious fiery hair, which will be shaded with a purple-red necklace or earrings, will play with new colors!

In the summer season, it is better to stop at golden and brown tones. For example, a bracelet made of bronze or brass, decorated with cognac crystals, will emphasize your tan well. Products made of blackened silver and amber will also have a similar effect.

The main rule that governs the selection of jewelry is the need to remember not only the color of the hair, but also the tone of the eyes and skin. They are managed by the Australian-American actress and singer Nicole Kidman. Despite the fact that her hair shines in all shades of orange and gold, and her skin is full of freckles, Nicole's irises are light blue. Therefore, she most often wears necklaces, rings and earrings with white, pastel or completely transparent gems or pearls. Sometimes you can see things with light green or blue stones on the actress. The most famous of such products is a gold necklace decorated with turquoise and black enamel - in it, Kidman traditionally attends various ceremonial events, award ceremonies and banquets.

So, which jewelry should be preferred for red-haired girls with dark eyes, and which will be optimal for a light-eyed lady? Read about it below.

Brightness and effectiveness - what to wear with a redhead and dark eyes?

This type of appearance is very bright and noticeable. Therefore, it should be supplemented with the same saturated and rich tones. Burgundy, purple, red, chocolate, cognac and even black - all these colors will highlight and shade the beauty of the eyes and the tenderness of the skin. Of the precious stones, garnets, tourmaline, carnelian, onyx, amber, black pearls have a similar color. In a gold frame, they will look exotic and extremely attractive, and silver will add contrast and nobility to gems.

Do you want to bring tenderness and joyful emotions to your image? Pay attention to the green. The combination of red and light green is a classic selection of jewelry for redheads that will never get old. It is only necessary to remember that the color of clothes and accessories must correspond to the tone of the eyes - the darker the iris, the more saturated and deeper the green accents should be. For example, brown-eyed girls can try on pendants, rings and earrings with malachite and dark turquoise, and those whose eyes shimmer with blue or gray shades should wear chrysolite or cat's eye.

Another "cold" color, namely blue, looks just as effective. Indigo, aquamarine, blue, cornflower - on the background of red hair, these shades will look original, stylish and modern.

Products made in yellow, orange, saffron and ocher tones will refresh the skin color and make any defects less noticeable. In particular, earrings made of zircon or hesonite will help to forget about dark circles under the eyes, and a ring with a bright coral will visually soften age spots. Decorations in the terracotta range have the same effect.

Such popular colors as "marsala" and "burgundy" will look aristocratic and noble on red-haired ladies. But still, you should carefully consider such color accents - their excess can give you an extravagant and even vulgar look.

Tenderness and lightness - accessories for light-eyed women

The type of appearance in which fiery or golden hair is combined with gray, blue or light green eyes looks extremely gentle and delicate. Therefore, when deciding how to choose jewelry for such an appearance, it is worth stopping at the same dull, pastel colors - gray, graphite, sky blue, light green or olive. It is best to give preference to products made of aquamarines, turquoise, cat's eye, lapis lazuli, sapphires, chrysoprase.

Red-haired girls with light eyes can also wear pink, orange and golden precious stones - they will harmoniously complement and shade the luxurious overflows of strands. Earrings made of amber, jasper, citrine, coral or garnet are what you need for a visit to friends, a trip to a club or a party, because they will look elegant, fashionable and appropriate at the same time.

For everyday needs, jewelry with transparent and white crystals is suitable. Yes, a pearl necklace or a necklace made of light "bone" amber can be worn with a business suit, and earrings with pendants cut from crystal will allow you to look elegant and sophisticated. By the way, jewelry has a similar effect - for example, products made of shiny plastic, glass or mother-of-pearl items.

Almost all metals are suitable for women belonging to this type. Yellow and red gold, as well as bronze and copper will look good next to fiery hair - their warm glow will echo with the shine of the strands. And the noble glow of platinum, silver and white gold will emphasize the eyes.

The naturalness and naturalness of your appearance will be well complemented by jewelry made of natural materials. Wood, leather, fabric, bone, feathers, frozen lava - from them masters create real works of art. Of course, they will look most harmoniously with outfits in ethnic and "boho" style, but a narrow braided bracelet or a shaped pendant is appropriate almost everywhere - from the office to a friendly party. And long earrings covered with engraved patterns and decorated with natural stones are a trend this season.

But you should not limit yourself to these rules. Strict compliance with the requirements and norms of the dress code is good at work or an official event, and at home or with friends, you can afford various innovations and a creative approach. This is how the most creative, interesting and extraordinary styles were invented. Focus on your own aesthetic sense, try, experiment and don't be afraid of bold combinations - and you are guaranteed to create an attractive and original image!





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