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Baskin Robbins Chocofest - an indulgent escape for the chocolate lovers to treat their taste buds with the best chocolate ice cream flavors of the world is back. What’s even better is that you can take home a family pack on the purchase of a party pack on any of your favorite chocolate flavors and lose yourself in a world of Chocó-ecstasy. Chocofest is valid on 9 yummy chocolate flavours like choco chips mousse, chocolate ice cream, three cheers chocolate, malted choco fudge, world class chocolate, mint milk chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, mississippi mud and Baskin Robbins all time best seller, Bavarian chocolate.
Price: Rs. 333 + taxes (Regular flavors) & Rs. 361 + taxes (Premium flavors)

Wed 19 Oct, 2011,9:50:18 AM

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